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A Determined Hope

A Determined Hope describes Jeanie Williams’ journey from dealing with insecurity, spiritual depression and major health issues into true wholeness. You will learn how she was without hope and in the depths of depression. But God gave her so much more than she could ever imagine--as He can do for you. Remember: “Where there is life, there is HOPE.”

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Jeanie Williams

Jeanie Williams

Jeanie grew up with the uncertainty of a father that suffered seasonal drinking, she experienced the mid-life financial devastation of bankruptcy and then was diagnosed with the crippling disease of multiple sclerosis at age 46.

In A Determined Hope Jeanie shares how it was through these challenges that led her to deepen her faith in Jesus, build a successful JuicePlus+ business and bring hope to thousands of people.

A Determined Hope will inspire and challenge you while giving hope that with Jesus, no challenge of life is insurmountable.

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What People are Saying

"The power of faith can do endless wonderful things in a person’s life. The life of Jeanie Williams is a great example of that. In A Determined Hope, Jeanie shares her life story about walking through adversity and triumph to find God’s love and peace at the other end. With her husband Lee at her side, Jeanie has spent her life, much as Jesus did, in service to others. Her remarkable story of faith is inspiring and heartfelt. I have read her story several times and find more value in it every time I sit down with it."
Mike Quayle
"Jeanie’s story is woven with both respect and honesty. She allows an entrance into the personal and financial difficulties, the storms, the struggles, the depression, and the health calamities.  We all stood beside her as she worked through the painful journey with many bright and happy moments interspersed.  And all the way along she points to Jesus with Scriptures at just the right moments to impact the truth that He is her solid grounding through life.  This book is wrapped up with joy and fullness and blessing that brings us to a solid assurance that God is able to work all things together for good."
Mary Ann Enns
"Wow! God has worked tremendously through Jeanie and Lee’s lives!  I LOVED the book!  Jeanie pours her heart out, being transparent and open about her life! My heart is so moved by Jeanie’s compassion to share her life with others."
Sherry Gerlock
"Absolutely wonderful. Shed a few tears. Jeanie’s story is such an inspiration to many people."
Pam Auerbach
"I love this book!!!  The book is truly an inspiration to anyone who will read it.  So glad you are sharing your faith with the rest of us."
Sharol Anderson
Determined Hope book cover

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